Cody Lee

VP, Growth Marketing @ Global Private Equity Firm | Advisor to 100+ Growth Companies

San Francisco, United States (-08:00 UTC)Englishfrom Chicago, United States
$50 / hour
Growth marketing

Curious what growth marketing is, or how it can be applied to your business? Fundamentally, growth marketing is about applying marketing strategies and tactics to the entire customer lifecycle—not just the top of the funnel. Book some time to see how growth marketing can help you (and be sure to ask about the pirate metrics)!


I started my career as a copywriter before evoling into growth and continue to leverage this critical skill every day. Let's get one thing straight: copywriting is not content writing. If you need help distilling your ideas into persuasive copy or want to learn common frameworks, let's talk.

PPC strategies

My deepest "T" is in performance marketing (I've directly managed or guided more than $100M in spend). Whether it's paid search, social, video, mobile, programmatic or even something new, I can help you think it through. We can stay strategic or go deep, get nerdy on analytics and tools or review copy and creative—you choose (or ask) what'd be most helpful.

Content marketing

"It's not about you." This is one of the hardest things to remember, yet it's the key to effective content marketing. Your content is about your prospect and your ideal customer. What value is it providing? How can it be improved? How does it help generate or capture demand? Let's review your strategy, campaign or content together to make it more impactful.

Venting frustration

Sometimes, you just need to let it out! Growth can be frustrating, especially when you're banging your head against a problem over and over. Book a session with me to speak with someone who has nothing but empathy to give—and maybe even a way forward.

Social media

The world of social media is vast and varied, and no two platforms are alike. Looking to build a community, boost your brand, test the advertising waters or pick a channel? Don't just check a box, make the most of it (with a little help from me)!

Email marketing

Email ain't dead. But it's frequently boring. Let's liven up your email marketing strategy and content! Whether it's email acquisition, lead nurturing, activating free trial users to paid, retention or just more sales, I've helped companies big and small deploy email more effectively.

Conversion rate optimisation

Psychology meets data meets copy and design. It's a beautiful thing! CRO is one of my favorite topics and deepest areas of expertise. I've helped build conversion programs at dozens of startups and growth companies and have audited A LOT of landing pages. Insider tip: there's a ton of leverage in a headline. Let's geek out!

Mentor Toolkit
Google Analytics Experiments
over 4 years of experience

Google Optimize can be a powerful, lightweight and easily implemented tool to kickstart your CRO efforts. It can also cause a ton of flickering and drive web devs crazy.

over 5 years of experience

Are you doing YouTube remarketing? If not, you probably should be. And if your audience spends time on YouTube, there are prospecting strategies you should consider, too. I ran a digital marketing practice at a video production agency and learned a lot that allows me to help with YouTube from both a creative and tactical standpoint.

over 7 years of experience

At one point, I was a member of the LinkedIn Marketing Innovators program where I provided feedback on the ad product direction because I spent so much on the platform. It's expensive, but can be worth it.

over 8 years of experience

Remember when they said Facebook would never be for B2B? I do. (Spoiler: it can be.) While DTC and pure demand generation still reigns supreme on Facebook, there's usually a way to make Facebook ads work for any company. Let's get into it!

over 8 years of experience

The forgotten step-child of SEM, Bing—more fondly now known as Microsoft Ads—has come a long way since just following in Google's shadows. If you can get Google to work, we can probably get Bing to work, and there are likely some features since Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn and access to Verizon media that you aren't taking advantage of.

over 8 years of experience

I'm one of those veteran power users who still has trouble calling it "Google Ads." Whatever you need help with here, let's get into it. I've built accounts, restructured accounts, managed accounts and everything in between for dozens of businesses.

over 8 years of experience

My use of the tool has mostly been in the arena of competitive research and PPC. There are a LOT of features and I can't comment on every one, but if you're wondering if you should buy the tool or want some ways to leverage it for SEO and SEM, I can help.

over 6 years of experience

Drift has become ubiquitous on many sites, but it's frequently under-utilized or over-implemented. I won't be able to walk you through the platform itself, but we can talk about the merits of Drift and some strategies you might want to consider.

Google Analytics
over 10 years of experience

GA can be your friend or your foe, and you may not even know. I'm not a developer but whether you're just starting out, wondering what report to look at, trying to maximize utility or just troubleshoot that pesky issue, I've probably helped someone in your shoes before.

Vice President, Peak Performance Group
Summit Partners
- present

Summit Partners is a leading international private equity firm founded in 1984 that's committed to partnering with exceptional entrepreneurs, helping them accelerate growth, and achieving dramatic results. As a member of Summit’s Peak Performance Group, I work with management teams across the Summit portfolio to identify and execute growth marketing strategies that build long-term value.

Fin Tech
Lever & Dial

Lever & Dial invests in and advises expansion-stage companies. We mentor the next generation of growth practitioners, teach our proven methods, and help hire and develop great people. Along the way, we work to identify the key functions, processes, and culture that will give you big leverage in your business, and to guide the millions of small optimizations you can dial in to make a huge aggregate impact. As equity investors, we are motivated to transfer our competencies, not foster dependency.

Digital Agencies
Head of Digital Marketing
Emergent Order

Emergent Order is an integrated creative agency and production company that brings complex and provocative ideas to life.

Digital Agencies
Paid Social & PPC Manager
Software Advice

Software Advice (acquired by Gartner) is a premier lead-generation firm servicing more than 1,000 software vendors across 40 different markets.


Various freelance and agency work for non-profit, healthcare, pharmaceutical, business service and media companies.

Digital Agencies
Reviews (33)
Neil Grigg
2 sessions
7 Jul 2021

Great! Very helpful!

Gilad Kahala
1 session
15 Jun 2021

Thank you!

Neil Grigg
2 sessions
10 Jun 2021

Cody was great. This was a very productive and helpful call!

Raj Hegde
1 session
14 Apr 2021

Cody was really helpful and gave a lot of value for the time.

Robin Herzog
1 session
17 Mar 2021

The call with Cody was very interesting and I learned a lot! Thank you

Ben Cogburn
1 session
17 Feb 2021

Cody was great! Super friendly, knowledgeable and professional. His experience in the marketing space was invaluable and the advice received will certainly impact the campaigns I run moving forward. Couldn't thank Cody enough!

Joost de Kok
1 session
11 Feb 2021

Had a great discussion with Cody around our marketing strategy!

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
20 Jan 2021

Cody's one of the best PPC experts I've ever spoke to, and I speak to many of them. Got high impact tips in just 30 minutes. Going to make the adjustments right now after I press submit on this review. Thanks Cody!

Graig Peterson
1 session
17 Dec 2020

Cody met with my startup's marketing team and had an impressive array of ideas to get traction for our app's beta launch. His knowledge of initial outreach to the IG influencer space was a godsend for us. Thanks, Cody, you have an amazingly rare combination of creative and analytical firepower!

Max Maeder
1 session
5 Nov 2020

Really good chat with Cody - he provided some really tactical insight around paid marketing and general advice on how our biz should be thinking about a holistic marketing strategy at this stage.

Hal Zeitlin
1 session
30 Oct 2020

Cody helped pump me up to take on a few copy challenges for my company. As a result, I am now preparing with confidence to advocate for what is needed! I also got some good tips on AB testing! Thank you!!

1 session
28 Oct 2020

Cody gave me some great tips and points to consider moving forward. Very resourceful, friendly, and patient with someone who's just starting out.

Yar Al Roshidi
1 session
23 Oct 2020

Great session with Code Lee. He listened attentively to my problem and advised me on my Linkedin ads campaign. Thanks to his advice, (and since I am writing this review a bit late) I have managed to not only to meet the expected results and the expected number of leads, but also exceed them. Real value I got here, thank you Cody!

Leslie Anne Vasquez
1 session
20 Oct 2020

Had a great call with Cody! He was very friendly and comfortable to talk to. I was able to run down our social media strategy for our e-commerce brand's organic growth and he was able to let me know which practices were great for the brand and which weren't. Aside from that, he gave me very helpful tips that helped carve a clearer path for us. Highly recommended!

Justin Harris
1 session
7 Oct 2020

Amazing chat with Cody, he awesome. He had great original ideas and highly useful domain expertise. Thanks Cody!

Jonathan Fenton
1 session
7 Oct 2020

Cody is heavily experienced with Facebook ads and has some great advice on improving conversion!

Scott Fortmann-Roe
4 sessions
16 Sep 2020

Cody is great. Super smart and thoughtful.

Nathalie Nayman
1 session
2 Sep 2020

Cody is an awesome mentor! I walked out of the session with lots of clarity on what the next steps should be and how I should refine our strategy to achieve growth! Will be definitely booking a call with him again!

Keane Angle
1 session
1 Sep 2020

Cody was great! Cut through the noise and let me hear it straight.

Cristian Calls
1 session
26 Aug 2020

Cody has been very kind to spend some time sharing knowledge and information about his background and experience as a marketer. Provided very valuable recommendations for the project I am working on that I will be using straight away. 10/10 Would recommend.

Tam Nguyen
1 session
15 Aug 2020

Cody gave me a lot of insights into conducting useful experiments. I found it very relevant to my work and he explains in great depth. I really recommend him!

Scott Coates
1 session
14 Aug 2020

A TON of value in only 30 minutes. Cody has great insights across the entire funnel. He's given us about 3 key ideas for improving our sales funnel, all of which make complete sense. Thanks so much, Cody! Highly recommended for FB ads and overall CRO.

Steve Birnhak
2 sessions
8 Aug 2020

Cody looked over our mock-ups and gave some great insight regarding verbiage and UI we could implement to potentially increase conversion. Very valuable feedback.

Steve Birnhak
2 sessions
4 Aug 2020

Cody was extremely helpful to speak to. He's very clear in his approach and I'm planning on booking another session to go into more detail.

Jonathan Goldford
1 session
22 Jul 2020

Two things stood out to me when we met with Cody. First, he was incredibly prepared for the call. Not only did he send over initial questions in advance, but he also looked through our website. He had a solid understanding of what we do and who our audience is. Second, his feedback was very concrete. He outlined where he saw weaknesses and the first steps he would take to rectify them. I would highly recommend folks connect with Cody. For only 30 minutes, I'm not sure we could have received more value.

Nuno Pereira
1 session
11 Jul 2020

Great call with Cody! We talked about Youtube Ads as I'm going to start running my first relatively large campaign next week. I have now a clear idea of how to get started, what mistakes I should avoid when setting up my account, and a easy-to-follow process on how to get started with Youtube Ads. Highly recommended, Cody explained everything really well in a simple, straightforward way and I'm confident I can perform at my best level even if I don't have that much experience in this area.

Moritz Lang
1 session
29 Jun 2020

Cody was of great help and inspiration to me. We talked about how to do Organic Social for B2B companies and he pointed me in the right directions. He's very smart, sharp, friendly and nice.

Ashok Kola
1 session
24 Jun 2020

Cody is One of the Best Mentor in growth mentors. Must recommended for someone just starting out.

Jenna Rogers
2 sessions
2 Jun 2020

Cody was awesome! I'll be scheduling a follow up call with him tomorrow to discuss new topics for Google Ads.

Seema Nayak
1 session
2 Jun 2020

Cody was fantastic to talk to. I learnt so much about content strategy from talking to him. He answered all my questions patiently and even connected me to some of his contacts based on the domain input I needed. Would absolutely love to talk to him again!

Nathan Pamart
1 session
31 May 2020

Great session with Cody! Providing lots of valuable insights in only 30 minutes...

Andrei Vlasov
1 session
15 May 2020

It was a real pleasure talking to Cody! He has a great attitude and is very knowledgeable. Cody answered all of my Facebook ads questions and concerns. He came prepared and shared a great piece of content for me to read after our session. I left the call more confident about how I'm running campaigns and also ready to test out some actionable advice Cody gave. Highly recommended!

sarah beardmore
1 session
13 May 2020

Cody is an awesome fit for Growth Mentor. He went to great lengths to understand and conduct his own research on our product and brought some great ideas to the session!