Christina Leigh Morgan

Growth Advisor

San Francisco, United States (-08:00 UTC)Englishfrom Ft. Lauderdale, United States
Growth marketing

"Hacking" your way to long-term, sustainable growth is a fallacy. If you're into structured, playful experimentation that leads to usable data for informing strategic decisions, we'll be a good match.

Customer success

Love drives growth. Customer success *is* retention. Reduce churn and inherently scale growth by intimately understanding your customer through both qual and quant lenses often, and then using that info to constantly improve their experience.

Mindset coaching

What is the ONE thing you can do, such that by doing it everything else becomes easier or unnecessary? Once you can answer and drive your self/team in this direction every day, you've got the mindset thing down pat. 🙌 Outside of growth, I'm also a health and wellness coach, holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher. If sustainable growth and wellness are up your alley, I'm here for you.

Email marketing

Retention is 7x less expensive than Acquisition - and that's just in line item revenue. Let smart email funnels and segmentation do your heavy (oh-so-gloriously trackable) lifting. Happy to nerd out on nurture sequences, retention, loyalty, etc. Tools-wise I'm most familiar with Mixpanel, and the bootstrappers favorite (eef): MailChimp. Sequences are universal, though.

Product market fit

Your customers are out there! Your game is to find them - in time and under budget. And then get to know them really, really intimately. Get their feedback. Implement their learnings. Use that info to find more of them. These people will change a lot as the business scales. Keep running and closing this feedback loop. Ze ultimate scavenger hunt.

Mentor Toolkit
over 5 years of experience

No code landing pages heyyyyo. Have used for several launches/campaigns/experiments to save development time and stand up experiments fast. Can help set up, track, etc

over 9 years of experience

Gotta have it. Gotta love it. Do it all in one place. Best in class for scheduling all social in one easy spot since 2011. Have used for several clients in agency and personal.

over 12 years of experience

Takin' it back to the old school, 'cuz we're so cool. Is anyone running a majorly profitable project off TweetDeck? Please PM me. Seriously. I'm so curious.

over 5 years of experience

Love to hate it and hate to love it. So tedious, but take the time to set it up right and a Zapier/AirTable collab seems to beat out most leading CRMs. Honorable mention.

over 12 years of experience

Ahhh Asana. Have come back to Asana for team task management in role and role again for more than a decade. Easy to create "Projects" in OKR format, see the load of ICs, timeline view and oh-so-satisfying kanbah view as things move through experiment phases. How did we live without it? Can be helpful in thinking through how to best leverage for your growth team.

over 5 years of experience

Was my single source of truth while working on growth at Grabr for 4.5 yrs. Great for building out analytics and hear it plays nicely with Segment, Looker etc. Can be helpful in setting up reporting that is accessible for whole (incl. non-data) team.

over 1 year of experience

Currently using it for all initial foundations/reporting in a way that is usable and accessible for the whole (non-data) team. Looking at active users, referrals, Setup/Aha/habit moment for users, Signup sources etc across segmentation, funnels, retention, cohorts

over 10 years of experience

Lots to be desired with Mailchimp, but setting up smart segments can help get the most out of an early-stage/bootstrappy tool. Have used for both personal and professional projects.

Head of Traveler Growth
US, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, SE Asia

Joined as a GTM consultant and grew to lead supply-side growth — from $0-$24m/yr over 4.5 years. During my time with Grabr, travelers earned more than $5 million USD for delivering products to shoppers in 75 countries. [ Head of Traveler Growth ] Developed traveler segments, leveraged into growth model and strategy delivering 3x growth. Led data and attribution revamp to improve performance reporting, demand forecasting. Led all supply acquisition; navigating COVID-19 through pivot. [ Marketing Director ] Developed and executed lifecycle marketing strategy, managing $2.6 million paid + organic budget. Led distributed LATAM + US marketing teams, agencies; org-wide campaigns. Joined Leadership team, developing company Mission, Vision, Values, OKRs, culture and strategic direction. [ Brand Marketing Manager ] Developed positioning and stood up organic channels (influencer, social, PR, events, community, partnerships); led internal and external comms; monthly campaigns, reporting and iterating. Delivered 30% of 6x period growth, content to paid channels. [ GTM Consultant ] Joined as GTM consultant for U.S. launch focused on social and content. Product Hunt PotD, 30+ Tier 1 pubs including Forbes, CondeNast, TechCrunch, etc.

Atlas - Integrative Leadership for VCs and Founders
Atlas - Integrative Leadership for VCs and Founders
San Francisco, United States
Oct 2020 - present

Standing up relationship automation and synthesizing product offerings.

Elpha - Where Women Build Careers in Tech
San Francisco, United States
Jan 2021 - present

Evolving growth.

Reforge Advanced Growth Strategy

The Reforge Advanced Growth Series is a selective 6-week masterclass for advanced growth professionals on defensible growth through loop layering, led by Brian Balfour, Casey Winters and Kevin Kwok. Topics include: Loop Properties, Loop Types, Measuring and Analyzing Loops, Improving Loops, Macro Loops and Sequencing, Product Growth Models.

Reforge Growth Series

The Reforge Growth Series is a selective 8-week masterclass, helping experienced growth professionals accelerate a company's growth by developing a systematic approach to thinking about, acting on, and solving growth problems. Led by Brian Balfour (ex VP Growth, Hubspot) and Andrew Chen (Partner, Andreesen Horowitz, ex Growth, Uber). Topics include: Growth Models, User Psychology, Growth Process, Roadmaps and Teams, Retention and Engagement, Acquisition Channel Strategy, Virality and Network Effects, Monetization.

NFX Guild Member - NFX Venture
NFX Guild

NFX Guild is a venture fund and invite-only accelerator training their portfolio companies on systematic growth, defensibility and engineering network effects. Topics include: Speed, Pivoting, Growth Channels, Product Market Fit, Positioning, Frameworks, Network Effects, Pricing, Fundraising. Led by serial entrepreneurs James Currier, Pete Flint and Gigi Levy-Weiss.

Reviews (6)
Adam Wesolowski
1 session
20 Apr 2021

Really amazing session, Christina has amazing knowledge about growth and great enthusiasm to share it :) Super approachable understanding and creative - everything what I was looking for in the session!

David Kraus
1 session
10 Mar 2021

Thrilled about today’s meeting with Christina to discuss a brand concept and next steps. With Christina’s help, we were quickly able to analyze and define three important ‘next steps’ in the process to start and commercialize an e-commerce venture. Great insights on minimum viable product (MVP) strategies were also explored. Great stuff.

Teodor Petrovic
1 session
1 Mar 2021

Thank you, Christina, for your really valuable guidance and quality time. :-)

Anthony Nevo
1 session
28 Feb 2021

Really helpful, awesome tips! Thank you, Christina.

Andra Coros
1 session
23 Feb 2021

Christina gave really valuable feedback and supported me in my journey with Pinterest. You could notice that she took to time to prepare for the meeting by giving specific examples and suggestions related specifically to our account on Pinterest. She is very friendly, explains things well, and also looks for a two-way communication so she wants to know if you have learned something during the chat - which is great!

Harry Edmeades
1 session
22 Feb 2021

In 30 mins Christina gave me clear structured advice on how to launch my MVP, and things to think about when building out the community post-MVP validation. I'll be back in touch once we've hit the next milestone