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Growth Hacking

I can help you rethink your approach to growth by offering new ideas and creative ways to grow your startup. I've worked with multiple startups across their entire Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Referral & Retention funnel. Need creative ways to grow your startup or build your growth team? I have first hand experience working in many startups employing various growth tactics over the full AARRR funnel: Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Referral, Retention.


With over 13 years of experience building and growing websites, SEO is certainly an area I have built expertise in. I've primarily worked across B2B brands but have also gained some experience on the B2C side. I'm familiar with most CMS (=Content Management Systems) out there and can advise on on-page SEO as well as other SEO strategies & tactics.

Content Marketing

I help SaaS companies with content / digital strategy, content writing, content distribution & optimization. I was also responsible for various marketing automation software projects and implementations including HubSpot. I specialize in long-form content and organic content promotion. Areas I have experience writing about are event marketing, digital marketing, growth marketing, startups, community building & social media (especially LinkedIn)

Mentor Toolkit
Google Analytics
6 years of experience

I have extensive knowledge of Google Analytics. I've used it on multiple websites setting up advanced segments, goals, attribution models, and using the GA API to extract data into dashboards to build reports and automate other tasks/apps for data analysis.

Google Tag Manager
3 years of experience

I've been using Google Tag Manager since 2017 to implement different marketing tools& scripts. I also set up advanced marketing event tracking for my clients in B2B and B2C.

4 years of experience

I have used Zapier on many occasions to automate workflows for myself or my clients. If you need help or insights into what Zapier can do for you or how to set up automation, I can help.

11 years of experience

With over 40+ sites built on the Wordpress platform over the past 10 years, I can advise you with setup & optimization. I can also help you with choosing the right plugins and themes.

2 years of experience

Ahrefs is my day-to-day toolkit for content & keyword research and uncovering new opportunities. I can teach you the same processes I use every day to come up with new ideas and best practices on how to use Ahrefs to the full potential.

5 years of experience

I'm a self-taught web developer who has built several side projects using Javascript, HTML, CSS. I even dived into backend development using Node.js and a little bit of Ruby & PHP. I love creating and building things.

5 years of experience

I implemented HubSpot on various projects and use it on a day-to-day basis with my clients. I'm familiar with the sales & marketing suite of services and have provided advice and implementation services on numerous occasions.

Event Tech Tribe
Remote, United States of America
- present

The Event Tech Tribe is a tightly aligned federation of unique and independent platforms that provide B2B Event Marketers with an alternative to the one-stop-shop of existing enterprise solutions. Our portfolio of companies include: - Swoogo (Event Websites & Event Registration) - Hubb (Content Management Platform for Events) - TRC (On-Demand Badging & Attendance Tracking) - InsightXM (Event Intelligence Platform)

Growth Marketer
- present

As a growth marketer, I worked alongside the branding, product and development team to implement the company-wide growth strategy and execution.

Kickass Event Sites
Mar 2019 - present

I love side-project marketing. For my client Swoogo we identified that our prospects and clients were looking for event website inspiration (Swoogo is software to build event websites) so I've launched & marketed

Bachelor of Arts Media Management
Europe Fachhochschule Fresenius

With a specialty in Marketing & Entrepreneurship. Planned & launched a new digital product ( as part of a University program, back when crowdsourcing was not even invented.

Digital Marketing (CIM)
Chartered Institute of Marketing

I'm not the strongest believer in most digital certifications and diplomas, but I have one in Digital Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketers here in the UK.

Reviews (8)
Carsten Schaefer
1 session
23 Dec 2019

Carsten is a fantastic guy. He already took some time before our call to discuss several things via LinkedIn. In our call, we discussed some issues I am facing with email nurturing and cold outreach. He gave me handy tips and offered me further help after our call. One hour later, I got a bunch of really cool stuff in my mailbox where I can start right off. Now I have to prepare some things on my side, and I am excited to have the next call with him.

Kacper Staniul
1 session
9 Dec 2019

Great call with Carsten who gave me some useful tips on content creation and distribution strategy + recommended a couple of nice tools that I wasn't familiar with. Also, Carsten is a super friendly guy, who is a pleasure to talk with ;) I'd 100% recommend him to anyone who needs any content related help!

Evgeny Korolev
1 session
5 Dec 2019

Consultation with Carsten was really helpful. He spent time, exploring my project beforehand, asked questions to dive deeper into my business model and then gave valuable advice about promotion channels and future development of the project. Recommend him as a marketing consultant

Saket Bhushan
1 session
29 Aug 2019

He took his time out not only during the conversation but sent across a google doc with things we discussed. Super insightful, he is a generalist - full-stack-dev and marketer. Loved talking to him.

Anton Blagov
1 session
26 Aug 2019

I had a great session with Carsten discussing content promotion for the B2B SasS platform I work for. He shared with me some really useful ideas for content distribution, influencer research and on ways to repurpose your own content. He also recommended me some very interesting marketing tools I was completely unaware of. And on top of that, he was even kind enough to send me a doc with some examples and links after our session. Even though we had the limit of 30 minutes for the session, I definitely felt like he had much more to share. I will definitely come back to him with more questions.

Aidan Goltra
3 sessions
5 Aug 2019

Another great session with Carsten! We continued talking about niche stuff.

Aidan Goltra
3 sessions
22 Jul 2019

Another great session with Carsten! As far as I can tell, these calls will be some of the most formative moments of my content strategist/consulting career. Together we've identified a niche that's lucrative and which I enjoy (cryptocurrency) and practical tactics on how gain clients in the space. For the second time, I would highly recommend Carsten as a patient, expert, no BS mentor.

Aidan Goltra
3 sessions
12 Jul 2019

Right off the bat, I knew Carsten would be one of the most passionate people I'd meet in this space. After telling him my general freelance situation at the moment, he addressed the specific areas where I was selling myself short and was even being taken advantage of along with what to do about it (hint: stop calling yourself a 'freelancer'). He's someone who believes in the freelance/growth marketing lifestyle, in paying it forward, and I look forward to more sessions in the future.