Brittany Berger

Content Marketing Specialist

New York City, United States of America (-05:00 UTC)Englishfrom Baltimore, United States of America
Content Marketing

Content marketing isn't about creating content, it's about using it. I'll help you look at and revamp your content marketing strategy and project management so that it's finally both goal-oriented and realistic (yep, it's possible!). Through a cycle of creation, promotion, and repurposing, we'll create a new process for your content team that ensures you're spending time getting results, not "churning out" content.

Mentor Toolkit
6 years of experience

As soon as I found Zapier, I just fell in love. As a productivity blogger at, I quickly became a power user and started talking about and teaching it on Work Brighter. Eventually, I launched a course (no longer for sale) through my blog that taught Zapier and other business automation apps and offered consultation sessions on how to get started with it.

4 years of experience

Used HubSpot for ~2 years while working at and was heavily involved in both the initial strategy and setup as well as day-to-day use and campaign management.

5 years of experience

My email list is my primary way of driving sales for both of my current businesses, and that's through a combination of consistent real-time communication and human-feeling automation. ConvertKit has made it easy to balance both as a solopreneur.

New York, United States of America
- present

Building a community for startup superstars, freelancers, and solopreneurs who struggle with mental health and self-care. After my own experiences with chronic illness and burnout led to leaving full-time work, I want to create the space I didn't have to talk about health and wellness as it relates to your career ambitions.

Content Marketing Strategist
New York, United States of America
- present

Freelance content strategist for B2B tech companies whose content marketing is in growth mode. I mainly assist with content creation, promotion, and repurposing.

Head of Content
New York, United States of America

Lead Mention's content marketing during their transition from an SMB-focused freemium tool to enterprise monitoring software

Reviews (2)
Jonatan Snyders
1 session
21 Feb 2019

Brittany is well-versed in content marketing and a great coach. Our chat was brief but insightful, and I would definitely recommend her!

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
25 Oct 2018

I had a 60-minute call on Skype to talk with Brittany about the content marketing strategy of Growthmentor. I'm not going to get into too much detail about what we discussed as I'm probably going to end up writing a blog post about it (yes - it was that awesome), but I'll just say that she's the real deal. Hands-on experience creating & promoting A+ grade content, personable, casual, and full of positive energy that helps keep the creative juices stirring. If you want an audit on your content marketing, or just want to get a 3rd party perspective on ways you can add value to your ideal buyer persona without spinning your tires in vain - Brittany's your girl.