Brian Rhea

Product Strategy & Development

Boulder, Colorado, United States of America (-07:00 UTC)Englishfrom Paris, Texas, United States of America
Mindset Coaching

Building and growing a startup is hard, and not just for the founders. It can take a toll on everyone and having the right mindset to stay in the game is critical. If you need to vent, or if you need seasoned advice on how to move forward, I can help. Related reads:

Product Market Fit

Ask me your toughest questions you're facing about how to do critical customer research in order to: - Increase customer retention - Increase customer acquisition - Build trust with your audience - Refine your value proposition - Gain deeper understanding of your customer segments - (In)validate your assumptions

Design / UX

I've lead Product Design & UX at multiple startups, and as an independent consultant, I've worked with my clients to design beautiful product experiences their customers love.

Mentor Toolkit
over 8 years of experience

Most of my product strategy ideas and processes flow from my brain into Trello first. I love its simplicity and consider its lack of features compared to other tools an asset, not a liability.

Ruby on Rails
over 8 years of experience

Most of my clients come to me for product and UX expertise and then get excited when they hear that I can help them actually _build_ their app. I love Rails and have been spinning up prototypes and apps with the framework since 2012.

Reviews (2)
Roger Yelvington
1 session
14 May 2020

Great resource, and thank you for the time!

Niels Zee
1 session
13 Jan 2020

Super friendly guy (with a great podcast voice), who clearly understands everything about positioning. He helped me by giving me direction on what advertisement propositions to test.