Brian O'Sullivan

Head of Growth Marketing

Cork, Ireland (+01:00 UTC)from Cork, Ireland
$99 / hour
PPC Strategies

I started working in PPC from when I joined Google in 2005. Have since gone on to manage large budgets on the client-side and expand to FB and Linkedin

Content Marketing

Content marketing has been a core focus at Leadfeeder for the last 1.5 years. We've scaled up a really successful program. Interested in discussing your strategy, measurement, hiring (agency vs in-house) etc.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

I have been doing CRO for over 10 years. Experience with high-volume sites (Dropbox) and lower volume sites. Wins range from 100% increases to 8-figures in terms of business impact.

Mentor Toolkit
Google Data Studio
over 2 years of experience

I can show you how I've built dashboards to measure the effectiveness of websites, paid marketing and content marketing. Combining data from multiple sources to build actionable reports and dashboards

Google Analytics Experiments
over 5 years of experience

I've been running A/B tests for 10 years or more. Have run hundreds of tests in Google Optimize since it's launch and had used the previous versions of the tool before that.

Google Analytics
over 15 years of experience

Worked on the Google Analytics team at Google for 7 years. Have been using and implementing GA since it launched. Happy to chat about the unique measurement challenges start-ups face (esp SaaS).

Head of Growth Marketing
- present

Manage the growth marketing team. Moved inbound from 0% YOY growth to 100% within first year.

Manager, Growth

Focus on free to paid conversion for both the B2B and consumer business.

Various roles, Google Analytics & AdWords

Started my career at Google. Spent a year on AdWords before spending 7 on the Google Analytics team.

Reviews (3)
Positive John 🔎📈💰
2 sessions
21 Feb 2020

I had another call with Brian to discuss briefly his approach to conversion copywriting. I showed him my frameworks and he added his experience from past projects. Productive talk that confirmed my strategy of when to go with formulas and when to go based on qualitative data — what your customer are actually saying.

Positive John 🔎📈💰
2 sessions
14 Feb 2020

It's impressive how much value I was able to get from 15 minutes with Brian. I've been looking for external validation to better position and sell Conversion Optimization within His experience in the trenches executing and managing CRO shed light in my packaging structure. I got relevant feedback from his previous work with Conversion Experts that I started using as a benchmark.

Kacper Staniul
2 sessions
21 Jan 2020

I had 2 calls with Brian, who gave me some valuable, practical tips on running and managing experiments, analyzing LPs, and tracking data in GA. Highly recommended!