Ben Hayes


London, United Kingdom (+00:00 UTC)from London, United Kingdom
$20 / hour

โ€œThere are a lot of good copywriters but exceptional ones are few and far between and Ben definitely fits in that category. Iโ€™d be lost without him!โ€ - Louise Hudson, Head of Marketing at Birch.

Email marketing

I write both company and founder newsletters, whether they are for brand building or sales. Email subject lines get me excited. Emojis in them don't.

Content marketing

I write words for a lot of different companies. Websites, newsletters, press releases, blog posts... If you want advice on what content to write, how to write it, and ways to get it seen, then call me maybe.

Advice on funding

Through my time at Startupbootcamp and Grasp I've helped startups prepare their investor and pitch decks. This includes support on the story being told throughout, the structure of the deck, and how to present it live.

Mentor Toolkit
over 11 years of experience

I use Mailchimp for all company campaigns I run, so hopefully know a thing or 2 about it. This include email automations, CRM activities, and Founder newsletters.

Reviews (21)
David Kellerman
3 sessions
15 Jul 2021

Always amazing to speak to Ben. Extremely calm, almost in a meditative way, it calms me down only speaking to him. With his zen like energy he guides you through the crazy world of brand messaging, mission and vision. I felt enlightened after our call ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Sansan Fibri
1 session
12 May 2021

Ben was fantastic! Within mom,ent helped to distill my core messaging and guided me on how to communicate our USP more effectively on our website. Will definitely revisit ๐Ÿ‘Œ

David Kellerman
3 sessions
27 Apr 2021

Ben is an absolute dream to talk to. He knows very specific what works in our case without even fully knowing our brand. He shifts perspective and does not mind to be blunt and direct when required. We as Dutchies love his style :)

Michael MacKelvie
4 sessions
29 Mar 2021

Ben clearly knows what he is doing. Has been instrumental in understanding the world of copy. Will be meeting with him again.

Hal Zeitlin
2 sessions
11 Mar 2021

Ben Hayes is the only growth mentor I've pitched my bosses to hire, immediately after our session. Today was the second time I pitched him to a new client. He is brilliant.

David Kellerman
3 sessions
25 Jan 2021

Really great talk on how to further build out our brand positioning into content pillars, customers and the lot. What Ben does well is understanding the start-up reality, through an executive, helicopter lens while still being very operational and hands-on in his advice. Best of both worlds! It does mean that we have found that we have a shitload of work to do, because of this talk, but he that's part of the journey ;)

Graig Peterson
1 session
5 Jan 2021

Ben's copywriting acumen really is par excellence. He constructively shredded and refactored our startup's cold email & IG DM copy in terms of content and cadence all within a 30-minute call. Ben's brilliant insights galvanized our entire marketing team and we can't wait to put his ideas into the field and get users on our app. Book time with him for any language usage that's customer-facing! Phenomenal value.

Walter Scalzone
2 sessions
16 Dec 2020

Ben helped me assess my landing page and came up with copywriting solution to improve it! highly recommended

Mike Shahbazi
1 session
9 Dec 2020

Ben was very helpful on our website copy and giving suggestions on how to move forward.

Justin Harris
1 session
27 Nov 2020

Ben is an expert and he over delivered value throughout the whole call. Iโ€™d highly recommend his services.

1 session
18 Nov 2020

What a great review session with Ben. He's super sharp, and brought a lot of valuable feedback to the session. Ben helped to point out glaring gaps in my copy and gave useful tips to improve my messaging for clarity & conversion. Really grateful for the help!

Brigitte Najjar
1 session
12 Nov 2020

I had an awesome session with Ben!He went through my website and gave lots of insightful feedback and strategies on how to optimise the copy and structure of my site. He also walked me through how I can develop and clarify my messaging and positioning and how I can research my target audience. His tips and tactics are brilliant and I'm sure they'll make my business stand out above my competitors when I launch!I look forward to booking another session!

Hal Zeitlin
2 sessions
4 Nov 2020

Ben flexed so hard in tearing apart key gaps in messaging, providing clarity and obvious steps forward. Big fan. Very impressed, very grateful.

Ryan Dixon
2 sessions
28 Oct 2020

Ben was a wealth of invaluable information and quickly tore down the structure and content of a landing page with me and helped me rebuild it. Genuinely lovely guy and would love to catch up again sometime! Thanks for all your wisdom Ben! ๐Ÿ™

Vijay Chakilam
1 session
2 Oct 2020

Great talking to Ben. Very friendly and responsive. Really helped me in understanding how to create a message that resonates with my customer.

Reza Saeedi
2 sessions
24 Aug 2020

My session with Ben was fantastic! We went through a homepage copy teardown for a site that we're soon launching. Ben provided some great tips on how to take things to the next level, and explained the logic behind the recommendations he was making. Ben was also super responsive right from the moment our session was scheduled, and even asked for more specifics prior to the call so we can make the most of our time together. Highly recommend scheduling a call with Ben if you're looking to differentiate your landing page or website copy from the pack!

sowmith mandadi
1 session
12 Jun 2020

Ben and I went through our copy and Ben had great ideas for us. He had good questions about what we do and how to use certain elements in the copy. Highly recommend.

Usman Farooq
2 sessions
8 Jun 2020

I had a great session with Ben. He is a careful listener and just in a short time gave me good feedback. I am still in an early stage with my concept so we could not come up with a direct solution to my problem. We discussed language for a landing page and a survey. I noted down some pointers about simplifying our language to engage users better. I will be doing another sessions. Highly recommended for copy.

Sven Radavics
1 session
1 Jun 2020

Just finished a session with Ben and feel like I robbed someone. So much value in just 30 minutes. Have a clear path forward on improving my landing page copy. Nice guy too.

Hector Hughes
1 session
30 Mar 2020

Brilliant call Ben! Really good guy and a fantastic knowledge of all things marketing. Gave me some excellent insights on what we're currently doing and ideas for where to take it. Highly recommend a call with him!

Jamie Frew
1 session
10 Mar 2020

Ben was great, challenged in the right way and gave some very practical advice! Would recommend to others.