Barbara Stewart

Customer Experience Design & Marketing Specialist (Growth & Retention)

Barcelona, Spain (+01:00 UTC)Englishfrom Belfast, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Growth Hacking

My true passion is for agile and rapid growth delivered through the lens of CX. When done right, it equates to working smarter, staying agile and being willing to question whatever assumptions we brought to the table. Our customers don’t care about our intentions they care about the effort and experience of using a service. The combination of data-driven empiricism and marketers’ traditional skill sets are crucial to how we move forward.

Content Marketing

I have extensive experience developing omni-channel content strategies and overseeing the development of the content as well as the distribution strategy.

Customer Success

Customer Experience Planning & Marketing. The process of defining, planning and documenting an organisation-wide approach to improve customer experience, such that it helps meet business goals.

Mentor Toolkit
over 8 years of experience

I have been developing Facebook organic and paid strategies and overseeing teams of community managers and social journalists for the last 8 years. In both inbound & outbound marketing.

over 6 years of experience

I use Trello every day. I track and plan client work, new projects, new support tickets, new orders, share useful content (and properly archive them) as well as tracking my content calendar.

Google Analytics
over 5 years of experience

Google Analytics helps me gain insights learning from key micro-moments and gaining insight into user experience. Understanding customer’s journey, focus on key moments, and discover what works best.

over 10 years of experience

Linkedin Marketing for corporations and leadership personal branding. Paid & organic. Generating leads, driving website traffic, and building brand awareness.

Postgraduate Diploma
The Institute of Data & Marketing (IDM) now part of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA)

Develop the strategic digital planning, digital transformation and real-time automation techniques you need to confidently create customer-centric digital marketing campaigns that drive exceptional and dynamically optimised CX.

BA Hons Marketing & Communications
Lancaster University

Focused on how marketers communicate what they have to offer to consumers. The modules covered communication theories and methods, alongside other critical marketing subjects such as Consumer Behaviour, Brand Strategy and Market Research.

Reviews (7)
David Kellerman
3 sessions
14 Sep 2020

Please read my earlier reviews, and that should explained why this is my 3rd call. I absolutely love Barbara (platonically) ;)

David Kellerman
3 sessions
9 Sep 2020

Great session, once more. Gave me valuable insight in my validation route after some twist & turns by the company I'm assisting. Already looking forward to our next chat!

Rishabh Bhandari
1 session
1 Sep 2020

Highly motivated to help. She also sent me useful advice after the call. Thanks for your time.

Pritesh Vora
1 session
9 Aug 2020

Love the energy and speed. To the point and very articulate actionable points around hiring.

Rafa Ferrer
1 session
5 Aug 2020

Barbara understood my situation and gave me 2 great ideas to start implementing right now. It was a very useful and practical session. Thanks for your help Barbara! I'm excited to execute what we talk and see how I feel :) See you soon!

David Kellerman
3 sessions
4 Aug 2020

Very good call. Barbara took me by the hand in explaining the lean canvas in great detail. She has a great energy and goes out of her way in taking you through steps to make sure that you understand it. And she was very willing to plan in a new call. I like it :)

Sheila Donohue
1 session
3 Aug 2020

I had a great mentoring session with Barbara. She was a great listener and also gave very helpful advice. I highly recommend her!