🤖Bahram Ehsas

Head of Demand @ Holded | Ex Typeform | High Level of Experience in SEM

Barcelona, Spain (+01:00 UTC)Englishfrom London, United Kingdom
Venting frustration

We've all been there. I wish I could just stop at that sentence - but here's the thing, venting frustration is great, but let's use our call as an opportunity to understand your frustrations and how they can be alleviated.

Mindset coaching

Wtf ('f' for fudge) are we doing still writing to-do lists at work? I only use a to-do list for house chores. At work, I have a list called 'How will I make an impact today?'. IMPACT is the key word. We need to aim to move the needle as far as we can, and to do it we must focus on IMPACT. Let's jump on a call to understand your mindset, and what might need to change - remember, honesty is the best policy on these calls.

Marketing automation

Ever heard of the 70% rule? It's an approach experienced managers use to delegate their tasks - look it up. Marketing Automation is not to be taken lightly, it can be the difference between having more time to build a kick-ass strategy or more time spent doing a repetitive task that could originally have been automated. Automation can take many forms, from having a script in place for your bidding, to having a slick reporting set-up. Let's chat to see where you're at with this.

Conversion rate optimisation

Don't neglect this extremely crucial element in your business strategy. I always work with the mindset - 'I can do better' - this is why I love CRO - it's a never ending pursuit to continuously moving the needle on key metrics. Ever heard about the power of tiny gains? Look it up, and think how that would apply to CRO. Let's have a chat about where you could use CRO to improve your business.

Growth marketing

Don't be fooled by this buzz word. There is more to it than meets the eye. To truly make a success out of the AARRR funnel, you'll need to first look at your product and ensure it truly meets the needs of your target audience. Let's chat, and see where you are with this.

PPC strategies

Working with big brands for 5+ years, managing ad spend in the millions across Facebook, Google, Bing and Content Marketing platforms - with experience in both Brand Awareness, and Direct Response. I have created an audit tool for AdWords that has been used across American Airlines, Western Union and P&G brands. Get your questions ready, and let's jump on a call.

Mentor Toolkit
over 9 years of experience

I live and breathe AdWords. I have been using this tool for long enough to feel older than I am. I have single-handedly managed accounts with spends of over €3mil per year, and successfully created an inflection in their performance. Spending big budgets has meant that I have had the privilege of testing nearly everything AdWords has had to offer... and more (if you take into account Google's Alpha and Beta tests that I had access to).

over 4 years of experience

I have been using this tool on a daily basis for the past 2 years. It has become an absolutely crucial part of my team and is an incredible agile tool to use to create direction in your team and improve accountability.

over 4 years of experience

I use this almost every day for anything ranging from weekly impact lists (otherwise known as to-do lists by the majority), down to organising each 1-1 with my direct reports. Don't sleep on this tool, it can save you time and can help you create better direction in your day to day.

over 4 years of experience

If you want to understand your customers' concerns better. You can't neglect this incredibly useful software. Why spend your time scratching your head trying to figure out why users are not converting well, when you could set up drift and find out from the horse's mouth.

over 6 years of experience

I have used Semrush across multiple brands to improve PPC strategies, and targeting. It has also proved to be a useful tool to analyse the behaviours of key competitors.

Google Analytics
over 7 years of experience

With over 5 years of experience using this tool I am very familiar with the interface and how to best extract the most value from it. Besides building audiences, segments, goals etc. I have also used GA360 for granular analysis of user journeys, performance of demographics, understanding behaviours of different geographies etc.

over 5 years of experience

This is the tool to have if your aim is to crush your SEO and PPC strategy. I have been using this for over 2 years and understand the best way to extract useful information.

Google Data Studio
over 6 years of experience

Absolutely love this free tool. It has come a long way since it was first launched, and I have been using it ever since. A great tool to use to automate your reporting. Hit me up with your question, and we could jump on a call to set you up on GDS.

over 4 years of experience

We are using chartmogul to understand our company metrics, customers and cohorts. Need help setting this up for your company? Let's work on it together.

Performance Marketing Manager
Barcelona, Spain
- present

Leading a cross-functional team of Paid Marketers, Designers and Copywriters.

Paid Search & Strategy Consultant
London, United Kingdom

Consulting for the Paid Search team working on the Western Union account at MullenLowe.

Digital Agencies
Papa Rozier Farms
Barcelona, Spain
- present

Advising & creating growth strategies for Papa Rozier Farms, an organic beauty company founded in Brooklyn.

Reviews (17)
Jennifer Tsao
1 session
19 Feb 2021

Bahram was absolutely excellent. He took the time to review the actual account I had questions about and provided real actionable advice. He offered sound recommendations, shared his personal experience, and offered some of his wisdom about general mindset, which was extremely motivational. Thank you, Bahram!

Harry Marshall
1 session
15 Jan 2021

My session with Bahram was incredibly useful. I would definitely recommend him as a mentor.

Teresita Sánchez
1 session
18 Dec 2020

It was great to talk to Bahram :) His experience in Ads is great! I will definitely schedule a meeting with him again.

Andrei Tudose
1 session
23 Oct 2020

It was a pleasure talking to Bahram. I'v heard form him interesting and valuable views about life and also some particular advices. Thank you!

Rishabh Bhandari
1 session
26 Sep 2020

Bahram's call was invaluable. The thing that struck me was that Eden she understood my business rather fast and already had the mistakes I was doing marked. Would highly suggest anyone looking to better their product-market and get the first 'n' customers

Veronika Cervenakova
1 session
26 Nov 2019

The call with Bahram was beyond what I expected to get from a call. The conversation was smooth and the time we had gone by very fast. He gave me tips and tool recommendations to implement to have better attribution and gave me some great action insights to do right away in Google Ads to optimize for better traffic and conversion rate. Book a call with him, you won't regret!

Jacob Elbaum
1 session
3 Oct 2019

Speaking with Bahram was soooo valuable! He was a super cool guy, and gave me some fantastic insight and ideas as to changes we could be making that could have a huge impact. I honestly didn't expect to walk away with such value, which is why I appreciated his time so much. Thank you Bahram!

Gabriel Bujold
1 session
19 Sep 2019

The call with Bahram was supposed to be a simple mindset coaching call about my productivity and the impact I want to have at my job with my junior experience. This was the most important call I ever got on Growth Mentor. Bahram took the time to listen and show me a different way of thinking about my objectives and how I spend my time at work. I will make sure to keep in contact with him in the future.

Judit Pal
1 session
27 Aug 2019

He was very honest and gave me a lot of ready-to-use ideas.

Saket Bhushan
1 session
8 Aug 2019

Bahram helped me with fundamental principles of landing page design. Suggested edits in the way I was using drift, other tools that would help in GTM. Thanks for your help!

1 session
13 Jun 2019

Bahram was incredibly helpful - gave immediate and actionable insights that we applied to our SEO strategy and saw improved results.

Cae Silva
1 session
30 May 2019

Bahram is EXCEPTIONAL! The value he provides just by asking the right questions is amazing plus he does bring in his personal examples and things that you can definitely relate to. I'm looking forward for our next chat already!

🤘Tauras Sinkus
1 session
29 Apr 2019

Bahram is an awesome dude. He really takes care to look at your case deeper and provide practical tips and ideas for improvement. Super knowledgeable and friendly too!

Ferran Rodríguez
1 session
1 Apr 2019

Bahram is awesome! He studied my case before the meeting and had already great ideas on mind. Useful hand-on recommendations and insights on how to approach them. I'd definitely apply the stuff that we discussed over the session. All can I say is thanks a lot!

🚀 Jake Stainer
1 session
12 Mar 2019

Bahram is amazing! He gave me great advice, straight to the point and actionable. If you want to scale your business or just need a fresh perspective on things, you should definitely schedule a session ASAP!

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
7 Mar 2019

I thought I knew a lot about PPC. But then I had an hour call with Bahram... I just love that feeling you get when you suddenly realise there's a whole other level that you did not know even exists. Bahram is the type of guy that not just opens your eyes to that level, but actively helps you reach it.

Anna Pogrebniak
2 sessions
5 Mar 2019

Bahram is an amazing marketer and a very interesting person to talk to. I asked Bahram to share with me some ideas on how to start a new role at a SaaS company and our discussion went beyond all my highest expectations. He knows everything about SEM and SEO and has awesome ideas on how to improve both and all the rest as well. Highly recommend to anyone who's looking for advice!