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Marketing Automation

The key to the right marketing automation setup is ensuring that you have the complete view of the customer available in your marketing automation tools. My approach ensures to push the right information at the right time and at the right granularity so you can build experiment and iterate on your workflows to increase conversions and customer value.

Customer Success

I can help setup the right kind of drip and nurturing campaigns that are segmented and personalized based on user activity. I also have experience with chatbots, ticketing systems, and knowledge bases. Key to success here is automation, and providing context sensitive help.

Growth Hacking

Growth involves setting up a series of experiments based on hypotheses and then running them. Often companies have no problem composing the list of experiments, but the true challenge is in executing them. I help companies set up the right structure so they can implement them, by empowering non-technical team members to move fast without developer involvement.

Technology and Tools

Because I'm technical as well as strategic and my career has spanned the full gamut of roles all along that spectrum, I am able to help companies choose the right tools for the business, factoring in functionality, cost and flexibility. I am all about empowering team members to be more productive using best of breed tools, integrated in a smart way.

Mentor Toolkit
over 8 years of experience

These guys are the dark horse of the CRM and Customer Support space. They have a superior solution to tools like Zendesk in FreshDesk and they are fast catching up in the CRM space. And because they are very competitive price wise they are definitely a company to watch.

over 13 years of experience

I often work with clients and get them to expose read only access to the MySQL database to me. This allows me to dig right into the guts of what's going on in your database which helps me to understand your data model and your business. I have exposed data issues in doing this and made suggestion for resolution. This has also enabled me to connect to tools like zapier for integration processes as well as other tools like Google Data Studio for report creation.

over 6 years of experience

I've been implementing websites on Wordpress for years. You shouldn't need a Wordpress developer if you choose the right theme and leverage someone who knows how to configure it.

over 6 years of experience

I'll use this if you force me to but let's be honest: Salesforce is a dinosaur and is very costly to implement and use. As a startup this is not the best tool for you. I'm yet to come across a client that actually likes it. I'd be happy to work with you to choose the right CRM tool for you, or an even crazier option - not to use a CRM if you don't really need it and leverage other types of tools that will suit your needs.

over 2 years of experience

In my opinion, Instapage is the best landing page tool out there. It gives you the best flexibility when it comes to embedding custom code components and also pass in variables for use on the page or in links.

Google Tag Manager
over 3 years of experience

Google Tag Manager is key to my funnel hacking methodology as it allows you to make modifications to scripts without bothering the developer. I know how to leverage Data Layer Variables and how to populate those variables from url parameters.

over 5 years of experience

I've been an Intercom early adopter since the early days. The key to Intercom usage is making sure you are getting the best bank for you buck as we all know Intercom aint cheap!

over 4 years of experience

I've worked with Pipedrive for clients that want a simple CRM solution, and have set up integrations with other tools like Zapier to support lead generation efforts and other processes.

over 5 years of experience

Heap is a fantastic tool and I have leveraged this tool in several projects. In order to capture the right client side events, you will need someone who has a grasp of HTML to refine the event definition, and I have that capability. Heap offers a great funnel visualization report, and allows you to group by certain variables which is helpful in an AB Testing environment.

over 6 years of experience

Zapier is one of my favorite tools out there that enables you to create integrated processes, connecting all your tools together. I've even built 3 of my own custom zapier apps where there wasn't one for some of my favorite tools. (Stripe, Segment, Appcues)

over 3 years of experience

Autopilot creates a great visual process designer and is also strong in supporting AB testing. After reviewing several other tools, I recommended and implemented Autopilot for a client as they had a strong preference for AB testing. If you want to do AB testing in conjunction with drip email sequences, this is the best solution.

over 2 years of experience

Klipfolio is a great tool for your analytics needs, but it does require a good working knowledge of SQL, and I can help you with that. I've implemented this tool in a prior client.

over 4 years of experience

I've been using ChartMogul since the beginning and know how to structure it's source data correctly for optimal use. Ask me about integrations with tools like Chargify, Recurly, Braintree and Stripe.

over 5 years of experience

I know how to leverage the functionality of Drip within an in inch of it's life. Ask me about how to leverage liquidscript for things like conditional text inside emails.

Bachelor of Business Systems
Monash University

A combination of technology and business. I obtained a scholarship that included two 5-month internships.

Segment Certified Partner

Segment is a Customer Data Platform (an integration tool)

Reviews (5)
Drew Trombley
1 session
17 Sep 2019

Audrey was great and answered all of my questions. Highly recommend! One of the best!

1 session
17 Sep 2019

Had a great call! Audrey was super helpful and really helped me to understand what I needed to do to get my data infrastructure set up.

Mariska Pansegrauw
1 session
9 Sep 2019

Audrey helped me with my onboarding email campaign and gave me some guidance for which tools to use. She gave me some very valuable input in the whole onboarding funnel.

Kyle Sale
1 session
23 Aug 2019

Audrey was really insightful and helpful. It was great to speak with someone who was really knowledgeable in areas where I have no idea what I'm doing. I would highly recommend Audrey!

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
23 Jul 2019

I booked a call with Audrey to discuss my options as it pertains to application analytics tools. Was considering Amplitude/Heap/Mixpanel for GrowthMentor KPI tracking. Audrey gave me the pros and cons for each from her experience, and also suggested a couple of other tips regards to Segment. Great call!