Asia Orangio

Early-stage SaaS Marketing Expert

Atlanta, United States (-05:00 UTC)Englishfrom Atlanta, United States
$90 / hour
Mindset coaching

What do all successes have in common? Resilience. What we often don't see in success are the countless failures and learning experiences to get there. This is where mindset can make the difference between achieving that success and never learning or recovering from failures along the way. My approach to mindset coaching helps you unpack the limiting thoughts and beliefs about yourself, your team, and the business and determine real steps forward.

Growth marketing

You've got growth questions — some are tactical and others are strategic. I'll ask you a few hard questions about what you're trying to accomplish and who for, and then we'll work together to figure out the next growth steps.

Product market fit

It's the toughest stage, but with the right process and strategic vision, you can get over this hump and sail right into traction. Ask me your burning questions about how to get there, what you need to be doing to reach PMF, and so much more.

Mentor Toolkit
Google Analytics
over 10 years of experience

GA is often the first analytics tool founders setup and configure themselves. This is also where the first acquisition sources of traffic and prospects are illuminated. Goals configuration, report configuration, and funnel configuration are all activities I can help with.

over 4 years of experience

Founders shouldn't dismiss ConvertKit. It's lean, mean, and a delight to use. It's so easy that most founders can use it. It's not a replacement for a full marketing suite, but it's definitely a great tool to get started. While it's not purely events-based, it can be a great alternative for very light tag-triggered emailing.

over 4 years of experience

A personal favorite, Ahrefs is my SEO tool of choice. Built for SEOs and growth experts alike, I use Ahrefs for everything from competitive analysis to content marketing research to PPC research.

over 4 years of experience

Depending on the use case, Drip makes for a pretty interesting marketing automation platform. It's events-based which makes it pretty powerful for certain SaaS situations. Definitely not a one-size-fits-all, however.

over 4 years of experience

Hubspot is probably one of my favorite full marketing, sales, and customer success suites out there. It's fantastic for startups (if the budget allows for it of course). With very minimal configuration, it can tell you exactly where your customers are coming from and their cost to acquire (very rare for most email marketing platforms to do). The reporting alone makes it worth the investment.

CEO & Founder
- present

I help early-stage founders reach their very first growth milestones — from 100 customers, to $10,000 MRR to $100K MRR.

Reviews (4)
Renee Smith
1 session
3 Sep 2020

Asia was fabulous to speak with! She patiently listened to our story, broke some of our planned steps into even smaller steps, listed potential pitfalls, provided benchmarks, and answered all of our questions about how she is growing her business. Thanks so much!

Shelby Stephens
2 sessions
8 Nov 2019

Asia is awesome. Extremely knowledgable and a very clear thinker. 110% !!

Aggelos Mouzakitis
1 session
8 Nov 2019

Asia gave me some quality time, listened to my challenge and replied with pure knowledge and expertise. On top of that, she is a very friendly person that I enjoyed speaking with.

Aazar Ali Shad
1 session
30 Aug 2019

Had an amazing session. The strategies suggested were solid. Asia was kind of mentor I always wanted to talk to. Finally got her. We had an amazing session. She's perfect for early-stage startup founders and growth managers to learn from.