SaaS Product Manager, Marketing and Branding Strategist

Los Angeles, United States (-08:00 UTC)Thai, Englishfrom Los Angeles, United States
$60 / hour
Product management

I can guide a product through the Product Lifecycle from idea to delivery. Working within the agile framework to design, develop, and deploy great products. Let's chat about emerging tools, trends, platforms, and best practices in product development.

Design / UX

Great ideas need a strong UX/UI and brand identity. Think Apple, Starbucks, and Airbnb. With a strong user interface, you'll create a loyal following who's interested in your content, and ultimately buying your product or services because your platform is intuitive and creates a lead magnet for new customers.


If you've come up with a great product or service, you'll need great marketing to back it up. This includes content marketing, advertising, and even how to nurture your email list. Let's talk strategy, and what your product or service needs in order to get in front of your audience.

Technology and tools

I can help create an efficient workflow to manage and organize your projects with timelines using tools such as Asana, Slack, and Trello. Many entrepreneurs get bogged down with too much tools. Therefore, I want to help entrepreneurs scale and maximize efficiency with only the tools they need (not what everyone else is doing.)

Mentor Toolkit
over 4 years of experience

Social Media management. It actually takes a lot of time. Manage your social media feed, coming up with effective hashtags, and scheduling. This is the cheapest way to keep your audience engaged with regularly scheduled content.

over 4 years of experience

Create and manage your email list, this is one of the most powerful tools to nurture a loyal following through effective use of content marketing. We can look at how you can create your email templates that align with your brand, call to actions, and content that makes your audience feel the "feels."

over 4 years of experience

Manage your goals and timelines efficiently and even with team members. Check one task off at a time! Make sure that no idea or a crucial step in your project gets lost.

Reviews (4)
Nico Terrile
1 session
1 Feb 2021

Very good

David Kellerman
1 session
5 Jul 2020

Great chat with Anne, she gave some valuable advice on how to validate our ecommerce shop, which gave back focus on what steps to take. She is focussed, very friendly and cuts through the clutter :)

Bianca Schnitzler
1 session
6 Apr 2020

Anne is an incredible mentor. Her knowledge about outbound marketing and the advice she gave me on how to validate my startup idea has made her one of the best people I've met on GrowthMentor. Thanks, Anne!

Oseitofo Amedu
1 session
21 Dec 2019

It was really awesome discussing with Anne because she understood personally about the social problems my company is trying to solve. She gave very good advice all centred around about bottom-up thinking and that resonates very well with our company values. I'd be happy to keep her posted and pick her brains as we start executing in 2020.