Andy Reinaker

Innovation Growth Strategist and Adviser

Austin, United States of America (-06:00 UTC)Englishfrom Lancaster, United States of America
$50 / hour
Product Market Fit

Achieving product market fit means successful execution of a plan that bridges the gap between what customers need and what you provide. Development and communication of a unique value proposition that will attract engagement is a critical factor, relative to other customer options.

Advice on Funding

Establishing and communicating traction can be crucial to finding the right source of funding for your business. Making the most of the current situation is an invaluable function of business at any development stage. I specialize in helping organizations forge a path forward by leveraging current resources in the context of the business environment.

Design / UX

Increasing conversion is all about effectively communicating the value of moving forward in a process. There is an endless number of tactics to implement, experiment with, and find what works in the context of your unique situation. More importantly, the fundamental needs and wants of people are universal, and once understood will support a strong core for innovation in any organization.

Mentor Toolkit
over 3 years of experience

Proficient in planning and running A/B test campaigns for increased marketing conversion. Creation of a marketing strategy that promotes relationship building and value creation is paramount.

Philadelphia, United States of America

I assisted client needs at multiple stages of the system development process, including testing lead, conceptual design, and detailed design of claims processing and underwriting software for leading insurance companies.

Product Manager
Horsham, United States of America

Product Manager for a marketing research firm in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry. I oversaw a portfolio of products designed to analyze and communicate the effectiveness of messaging and marketing collateral to brand executives.

Product Manager
Independence Blue Cross
Philadelphia, United States of America

Served as Product Manager in the Government Business Unit for a nationally recognized Insurance company.

Sole Proprietor
Austin, United States of America
- present

I operate a sole proprietorship to serve marketing research, strategy and analytical needs for a core set of clients.

Value Synthesis Labs
Austin, United States of America
- present

I am CEO and Founder of a marketing research and strategic innovation firm. We serve our clients by analyzing business and market dynamics to create innovative strategies to accomplish broad and targeted marketing efforts.

Pennsylvania State University

Bachelor of Science in Management Science & Information Systems

Temple University

Doctorate in Marketing Strategy with a focus on Value Creation in organizations.

Reviews (1)
Foti Panagio
1 session
3 Sep 2018

Besides being the only OG with a PhD in Marketing I've ever met, Andy is also officially the first growth mentor to get paid up in this joint. Great call, went over the launch strategy for Growthmentor, talked product-market fit, monetization, high-level content marketing strategies. Totally cool guy.