Andy Mura

Full Stack Marketer

Munich, Germany (+01:00 UTC)German, Englishfrom Calgary, Canada
$90 / hour
Marketing Automation

The customer journey spreads through different channels. A properly designed funnel should help you generate awareness, traffic, interest, and guide leads through the discovery journey. Every touch point with your brand leaves a permanent mark on your potential customers. Let me show you how to create funnels and dashboards that will help you optimize the customer journey through automation for both inbound and outbound activities.

Growth Hacking

Growth is about selecting the right channels and delivering the right message at the right time. A few tricks here and there can help. In general, though, the main growth hack is designing a funnel that generates predictable results in terms of number and quality of leads. Glad to support you with hand-on tips and tactics on how to effectively drive growth through product, marketing, and sales and share with you the appropriate tricks that can help you speed up the process.

Content Marketing

Content marketing means reader personas, qualifying KWs, thought leadership, partnerships, content strategy, engaging content, distribution/promotion, influencer marketing, and conversion strategy. Failing to focus on one of these steps dramatically reduces ROI. That's why a solid content marketing strategy is so hard to execute. I manage blogs with a 12-15% increase in monthly traffic that generate lots of direct/indirect conversions. Happy to share the secrets that lead to success.

Mentor Toolkit
over 1 year of experience

Marketing Automation with extra intelligence. More suitable for mature companies but a very flexible for modern marketers. It works well in connection with Salesforce and AdStudio.

over 5 years of experience

LinkedIn is a powerful tool. Accurate information for B2B marketers. The best way to generate high quality leads. Pricey for sure. But very useful for specific campaigns. Unless you just bother people with automated inmail spam. Then you're doing it wrong. Worked directly with people at LinkedIn. The main thing I learned: people want to be inspired and informed not sold to. A great place for meaningful content to thrive!

over 6 years of experience

Worked for two years together with some of the greatest CSMs at Facebook. Lots of experience in running successful awareness, traffic, and conversion campaigns. If your FB ads don't convert you're simply doing something wrong . The algorithm is so powerful that it's basically impossible to fail. It all boils down to your creatives, the experiments you carry out, and the functionalities you actually leverage for your campaigns.

over 4 years of experience

50% of your content strategy is SEO. 50% is distribution. Without a solid KW-based strategy there is no traffic, no conversions, no growth. "You just need to create great content!" I'm sure you heard that before. Well, there's lots of great content out there. And most of it is basically unread. Ahrefs or SEMRush are essential marketing tools.

Google Tag Manager
over 4 years of experience

AKA the best way to slow down your site and end up on page 7 in Google. Just kidding. It's easy to get carried away, though. There are a multitude of useful add-ons and scripts that can support your marketing strategy. Having access to Google Tag manager means big responsibility. And with great responsibilities... Marketers should actually be denied access to GTM without the supervision of an SEO expert! ;)

over 5 years of experience

Lovely. Simple. Useful. Great tool for both CRO and surveys. The problem is just creating a proper strategy that leads you from hypothesis to optimization. Hotjar is a great ally that provides the right insight to execute on such an optimization strategy.

Google Data Studio
over 3 years of experience

Great for creating real-time dashboards! I use it in combination with Gekoboard. Not intuitive. Mostly things don't work the first time you try to set up a dashboard. Lost quite a few nights and using it led me to increase caffeine consumption to worrisome levels. However, you can create useful campaign-based overviews to monitor content, outbound funnels, and much more! Not the top expert,for sure!

over 4 years of experience

Not an expert. Don't AMA! :D Just kidding. I mostly use Salesforce for channel analysis, ABM campaigns, audience modelling (for example for programmatic display campaigns), customer persona development, lead quality analysis, sync for re-engagement campaigns, copy writing and content strategy (what??? See customer objections ;) ). No idea about admin or sales only part, though.

over 6 years of experience

I love Adwords. So many options....sometimes this might even lead to paralysis due to choice overload. :D Planning campaigns based on desired outcome is essential not to get lost in the jungle of opportunities for interception campaigns, intent-based campaigns...Worked for three years with CSMs at Google and learned a lot of very important lessons which I'm happy to share.

over 6 years of experience

Stopped using it a few years ago when I moved to Autopilot. Still a very solid email tool. Maybe not the expert I used to be, though :) I'm sure they've added more functionalities. Happy to check it out if necessary.

over 4 years of experience

Good tool for monitoring mention. Although I prefer to use Brand24 to also check competitors and carry out some basic sentiment analysis. Still... :D

over 5 years of experience

Automation is cool. It won't do miracles for your social media strategy, though. Social media is about being "social". Lots of manual, strategic outreach :). But content curation can still be automated.

Google Analytics
over 11 years of experience

The amount of information you find here is incredible. If you set up your environment correctly and if you familiarize yourself with attribution models and with the platform, of course!

Head of Marketing
Munich, Germany
- present

Cognitive process automation for insurance

Head of Marketing
Munich, Germany
- present

Userlane is an enterprise-grade digital adoption platform that allows anybody to use software without any training, tutorials, or documentation.

Munich, Germany

Two sided content platform.

Digital Agencies
Berlin, Germany

Two-sided platform for SAP consultants and corporate clients.

Munich, Germany
Jul 2011 -

Technological innovation - Sector: Retail/Supermarket chains Omnichannel data-driven marketing technologies for retailers aimed at optimizing operational excellence and customer intimacy while saving on inventory and acquisition costs.

Palo Alto, United States of America
Jan 2015 -

Find your expert! Platform for consultants and gurus.

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Reviews (3)
Rory Codrington
1 session
9 Jan 2020

Andy's expertise and advice was hugely helpful. He went above and beyond - researching before our call and following up with detailed resources - and I would highly recommend him. His marketing knowledge and grasp of the smallest details was super impressive - in particular when it came to how best to leverage certain tools and platforms. He left me with lot's to think about and plenty of actions to go and implement.

Suvasini Raghavan
1 session
24 Dec 2019

Very friendly mentor. Provided me with resources that can help facilitate my further research. Extremely valuable 60 minutes. Overall, happy with the session.

Ophir Prusak
1 session
22 Oct 2019

Andy's help and feedback were exactly what I was looking for. He even did some research before our meeting. After the call he shared a presentation and google sheet which went over the work I needed to be done. Highly recommended!