Andrew Capland

Head of Growth, Postscript | founder of Delivering Value | former Growth lead @ Wistia & HubSpot

Cambridge, United States of America (-05:00 UTC)Englishfrom Boston, United States of America
Mindset Coaching

During sessions, I share the habits, rituals, processes and best practices that I’ve learned throughout my career to help marketers deliver more value to their users and advance their careers. That includes tactical skills, like conversion rate optimization, improving activation rates, and scaling high-volume a/b testing programs. As well as soft skills, like getting buy in from senior stakeholders, prioritization frameworks, and documentation.

Growth Hacking

I led a cross-functional team focused on increasing Wistia's Activation rate. We created a new user onboarding process from the ground up (running countless experiments and optimizations along the way) and many Product Led Growth initiatives to help drive engagement and increase our conversion rates.

Marketing Automation

I have helped scale Wistia's database into the hundreds of thousands. We have countless marketing automation programs in place. From internal rotators and data updates to complex user onboarding and winback campaigns. I love exploring the technical segmentation as much as the user journey.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

I have run countless tests and projects to improve conversion rates. My general approach is to remove friction and use motivation to drive action. Removing friction is basically finding out where your users get stuck and making it simpler. Using motivation is different things at different parts of your product journey. But, generally speaking, it's understanding what's most valuable to your users and highlighting that value.

Mentor Toolkit
over 6 years of experience

I absolutely love Crazy Egg. Using this tool in conjunction with other user research (like FullStory or has been a game changer for us to improve our designs and user experience.

over 5 years of experience

Our teams spend a lot of time working in Trello on a daily basis. We manage our cross-functional project workflow in there and operate in weekly sprint cycles.

over 6 years of experience

The MixPanel was a core part of our experimentation process. Their funnel visualization tools gave us insights into how our projects impacted user behavior.

over 6 years of experience

I've run close to 100 tests in Optimizely. I've used their platform directly and synced Optimizely with our database to see the impact that testing website pages have on product behavior.

over 9 years of experience

I actually worked at HubSpot for three years and have used the software at three separate companies since then. I've helped build complex marketing automation workflows and scaled databases to hundreds of thousands of contacts.

Reviews (13)
Kamil Kwiecień
1 session
24 Jul 2020

Andrew is a great mentor. He gave me some great advice about how to improve my startup.

Ryan Prior
1 session
7 Jul 2020

Andrew was super generous with his time and knowledge. He gave great advice & suggestions, and left me with some useful action points to move forward. Thanks a lot!

Pranav Dalal
1 session
8 Jun 2020

Great feedback. thanks

1 session
2 Jun 2020

Andrew was great to chat with. We talked about growth, our roles in our companies, and the obstacles we have. It was interesting to see he had gone through similar obstacles starting as the first growth person in a company and to get his point on how he went on fixing it.

Julian Berbec
2 sessions
2 Jun 2020

Andrew is an amazing mentor who cares a lot about the person he teaches to. For example he always asks me what the most valuable take away was after each call. Really recommend his talents if you want to learn about setting up a Growth structure in your company.

Tina Tan
1 session
8 May 2020

Andrew was very friendly, open and wonderfully easy to speak to. He put me to ease very quickly and gave me some very practical, actionable tips to help me get started in my new role. Highly recommend ! :)

Brian Guidry
1 session
13 Nov 2019

Great chat. Thank you Andrew!

Jacob Elbaum
1 session
18 Oct 2019

It was a fantastic meeting with Andrew. Super nice guy and extremely professional. Clearly he knows his stuff and has the experience to back it up. Andrew and I spoke a bit about conversion optimization, frameworks related to it, and some demand-generating strategies as well. I can definitely recommend Andrew to anyone looking to get some advice for business growth. Thanks again Andrew!

Tyrel Johnson
1 session
14 Oct 2019

My call with Andrew was wonderful. I got a few great ideas of what to focus on in terms of our brand marketing brand awareness initiatives. His experience was obvious in this call, and very valuable to be able to tap into for some solid advice. I highly recommend a call with him to talk about marketing!

🚀 Jake Stainer
1 session
2 Oct 2019

Andrew is an expert in growth. We talked about the power of video and creating memorable interactions with your audience. Andrew inspired me a lot and I hope to talk to him again soon :-)

Ben Chiriboga
1 session
27 Sep 2019

Andrew and I had a great time thinking through how to structure my activation events and maximize my testing and experimentation using a lean growth team and hearing about how Wistia thought through things was invaluable. Thanks for listening to my rambling, Andrew! 100.

Mark Cann
1 session
25 Sep 2019

Andrew was super helpful, and really gets stuck in the weeds and tests a ton of channels to speak with authority about why different channels work or don't work for Wistia. As someone from a video marketing background, he has an in-depth knowledge of industries and markets how the landscape is changing for video.

Memberstack Team
1 session
24 Sep 2019

I didn't know what to ask before the call, but Andrew was incredibly patient and willing to get things going with a few questions of his own. I felt like he understood the problems we are facing and had experiences to share within the first 5 minutes! We didn't waste any time, but I never felt rushed. I can away from the call with a clear and simple methodology for prioritizing new features, several new pieces of software to test, and a new step to add to our onboarding process (which I've already added). It was clear that Andrew loves giving back to the community, and I can't express how much I enjoy being part of that community! I'm looking forward to sending Andrew an update once I've had a chance to implement all of his advice.