Alex Mitchell

Director of Product - Kin Insurance

Washington, United States (-06:00 UTC)from New York, United States
$99 / hour
Growth marketing

Over the course of my 3 product management roles and the company I helped found, I've experimented with many growth hacking strategies. In a session, I can share my growth hacking mentality with you and help you unlock the ideas and mechanics that will scale your business to the next level.

Product management

Need help thinking through what to build next, how to motivate your developers, or how to prioritize customer feedback? I can help you! I've held product roles across 3 very different companies and worked with many different types of teams and developers.

Technology and tools

I love finding the best technologies and the best tools for the right jobs. I'm always adopting new technologies early and am eager to share what I've found and learned with you to help you solve your business challenges.

Product market fit

I've had experience helping B2B and B2C companies of all shapes, sizes, and industries finding product-market fit. I'm excited to dive into your product-market fit challenges and share what I've learned along the way and brainstorm ideas with you.

Mentor Toolkit
over 6 years of experience

I've set up intercom for several businesses now and can help you get 80% of the value in 20% of the time for your business. I can also help you determine how to best leverage the software to help you scale.

over 6 years of experience

I'm a huge fan of Heap (especially compared to Mixpanel). I can help you implement Heap and get the most out of it for your business. Before long, you'll be tracking and learning from user behavior better than ever before!

over 5 years of experience

I can help you automate and link many of your different systems together with Zapier. I've leveraged this tech in both personal and professional projects and can help you unlock its value.

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Reviews (9)
Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
15 Feb 2021

Great call with Alex about mobile app development and what mistakes to avoid in the early stages of planning!

Justin Homkow
1 session
5 Nov 2020

Alex, thank you very much for our call. I appreciated your insights on the best way to proceed and the benefits of finding a CTO cofounder vs. using third-parties/agencies. I especially am grateful for the follow-up notes and recommendations you sent, and some ideas to consider.

Stéphane Recouvreur
1 session
18 Oct 2020

Alex was fantastic and very friendly. He came prepared with a lot of questions to understand my problem and made a lot of good suggestions to progress to the next step. Wonderful!

Michal Darkowski
1 session
7 Oct 2020

Very helpful discussion! Alex provided great feedback regarding my customer surveys which helped me move forward faster and with more confidence :)

Justin Harris
1 session
3 Oct 2020

Provided solid feedback and help on some newer ideas. He is sharp and insightful would highly recommend connecting with Alex!

Harri Thomas
1 session
14 Aug 2020

Alex was incredibly helpful. He took the time to review documentation I sent prior to the call, and even did some research of his own in the lead up to our cal to better answer my questions. After the call, he sent through some links for me to review. He did all this while moving across the country in a pandemic. What a guy!

Henrique de Melo
1 session
22 Jul 2020

Had a great conversation with Alex regarding product market fit for an online course I'm building. The main lesson I got from the call was: I shouldn't be worrying too much about analytics and metrics at this initial stage and should instead focus on getting customers over the phone to simply talk to them. Would 100% recommend Alex as a mentor for anyone in the process of product development. By the way, he's got a great book on this topic on Amazon: it's called Building Digital Products.

Tom Figiel
1 session
1 Jun 2020

Alex was careful to understand our issue and was open about his prior experience working in the same space. It was great to bounce ideas off him and get some encouraging feedback to keep moving forward.

Ryan Conner
1 session
6 May 2020

Alex is obviously a master artist when it comes to growth and growth hacking. He quickly distilled the key points that I needed work on and provided super insights. Most importantly, he went above and beyond by sending follow-up suggestions and action items, demonstrating his interest and kindness in helping me. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone working on initial p/m strategies.