Alex Lambropoulos

Growth Marketing Specialist - Customer Acquisition & Conversion Rate Optimization Expert

Athens, Greece (+02:00 UTC)Greek, Englishfrom Athens, Greece
Technology and Tools

I've worked with hundreds of tools in my career to help automate and streamline processes and bring incremental value. Check out the ones listed on my profile, and let's chat if you need help with setting one up, properly configuring it, or optimizing it for value!

PPC Strategies

I have extensive experience in PPC for all user stages, from acquisition to re-engagement. Specifically I've worked on strategy, implementation & scaling of digital campaigns on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Apple, Amazon, Pinterest & Reddit.

Outbound Marketing

Of the companies I've worked with, gaining traction has always been the top of the list of goals, and Outbound is the one channel that will bring the most impactful (short-term) effects. Most (but not all) of my experience here has depended on outbound e-mail, strategy & scale of digital media campaigns, and referral marketing.

Marketing Automation

I've worked with hundreds of Growth tools, both focusing on automating redundant processes but also tools that will help set up your business for incremental impact (that works while you sleep)

Conversion Rate Optimisation

I've optimized thousands of cross-funnel user journeys throughout my career (user acquisition, retention, and re-engagement through digital media, organic, product experiments/iterations, referrals landing pages & ASO)

Mentor Toolkit
Google Webmaster Tools
over 3 years of experience

Webmaster Tools / Search Console is a must for all things SEO and tracking it's progression over time. I've used it heavily for this purpose and is one of the first tools I'll look towards to track organic traction over time.

over 3 years of experience

Mixpanel is a great tool I've used extensively. Put simply, it helps drive overwhelmingly better-informed decisions and is my tool of choice in the product analytics category.

Google Analytics Experiments
over 3 years of experience

I've worked with Google Optimize extensively as a easy, cheap (yet effective) solution to A/B test various elements of a landing page or even entire user journeys.

over 3 years of experience

Simply put, I don't know if I could live without this tool. I've set up hundreds of Zaps to connect tools together and automate recurring tasks.

over 2 years of experience

Like Instapage, I've worked with Unbounce extensively. It has a nice interface, solid integrations, and a handful of other valuable features like a built-in analytics suite and dynamic text replacements for PPC.

over 2 years of experience

Instapage is one of my favorite landing page builders because of its ease of use and its focus on the bottom line – optimization. I've built hundreds of landing pages on here - it's interface and features (integrations, dynamic text replacements, built-in analytics, A/B testing customizability) make it one of the best options.

over 3 years of experience

Trello has one of the best (if not the best) UI/UXs in the project management category. I've used it extensively for managing projects with multiple stakeholders and keeping information organized and centralized. Also, a great tool to set up experiment iteration framework!

over 2 years of experience

Asana is a great project management tool for teams. I've used it extensively for project management and also a great tool to set up, monitor and optimize your experiment iterations.

over 3 years of experience

Quora ads are a relatively new player to the PPC game, but valuable nonetheless. I've worked on several campaigns on the platform. Particularly for companies in zones where ad competition is lower, Quora ads can be a super effective and efficient platform.

over 4 years of experience

I've worked on LinkedIn ads extensively, particularly (and for obvious reasons) to B2B companies I've worked with. It has major potential value, but can easily get expensive with the wrong audience definition or creative.

over 6 years of experience

I've managed hundreds of digital campaigns through Facebook & Instagram, undoubtedly one of the best tools to bring quick and effective traction to a business, if done right!

over 3 years of experience

One of my favorite tools for its ease of use and value it can bring through visual insights and eliminating guesswork. Recording user's actions can bring qualitative insights that you wouldn't be able to otherwise catch, and that's invaluable feedback.

over 3 years of experience

A great tool for syncing data through to Google Data Studio or Google Sheets. I've worked on this tool mostly to automate reporting, creating automated dashboards with key business metrics.

over 3 years of experience

I've worked with Hubspot consistently over the years because of it's ease of use and ability to scale with the business. It's a great tool to organize, track and nurture leads and benefits from the many possible integrations it has.

over 3 years of experience

Drip is the best, particularly for E-commerce. It's a great tool to achieve consistent growth through all lifecycles, monitoring the right metrics, while automating tasks that could easily incur mistakes.

over 3 years of experience

Mailchimp can be under-estimated because it might not have as fancy bells & whistles as other more sophisticated e-mail marketing tools. That said, it's ease of use and integration possibilities make it easily underrated :)

Reviews (6)
Milena Klotz
1 session
2 Sep 2020

I received so much valuable input from Alex. He provided me with lots of useful materials I can work with and took the time to analyse my Google campaigns with me. You can tell that he knows what he's talking about and he took a lot of time to go over all my questions.

Tomek Duda
1 session
16 Jul 2020

Alex was very professional, helpful and open. Answered all my questions and made himself available even beyond just the call. Highly recommend this guy!

Daniel Pirciu from FintechOS
1 session
16 Jul 2020

Alex was really patience in understanding our current situation and gave really helpful advice on what tools best to use for Linkedin outreach that can also be integrated with Hubspot.

1 session
4 Mar 2020

Great first conversation with Alex! He gave me some confidence that I'm on the right track with my growth/marketing efforts and encouraged me to look at opportunities that were a challenge to my previous assumptions.

Jacob Elbaum
4 sessions
19 Feb 2020

My call with Alex was great. He probably felt like he didn't help me too much but it was actually massively helpful. I was trying to understand CRO methodology a bit better, and I realized that my biggest hurdle was not having the proper questions to ask and proper tracking in place. Due to his call, I am now taking action in these areas and can see the path towards discovery. Will definitely schedule another one!

Niels Zee
2 sessions
13 Jan 2020

You'll leave this session full of knowledge and concrete next actions. He helped me gaining focus and a great, professional outside perspective about paid acquisition channels. I definitely would recommend Alex!