Alek Manov

Digital Product Design, UI/UX and Design Systems

Athens, Greece (+02:00 UTC)Bulgarian, Englishfrom Gotse Delchev, Bulgaria
$60 / hour
Customer Success

Onboarding, nurturing workflows, reducing churn rate are just a few of the steps of the customer's cycle that create or break the emotional attachment to your brand or product.

Venting Frustration

We often overthink and that makes our mind blurred by the end of the day. And when you are doing the same day after day, you burn out. Finding the balance between the work you do and the life you have sounds simple but is not easy. It requires the development of new habits that will increase focus, inner peace, energy, and self-motivation. Talking about your struggles is the first step to self-admit there is a problem.

Product Market Fit

Your idea needs validation. You can't spend money before being sure that there is market potential with a big-enough audience to sustain your product growth. Who are the competitors? How are you different and where you need to shift your value proposition? Are you too niche or too broad?

Design / UX

Even the best idea will fail if you can't present your product and engage your audience. With a background in coding and logical problem solving, my passion is to create meaningful and usable design systems that elevate the product value proposition. I can help you with: • Design and UX Audit • Product Evaluation Strategy • How to implement a UI/UX system within budget constraints? • What to consider when evaluating a business opportunity? • How to approach a site/app redesign?

Mentor Toolkit
over 3 years of experience

This tool is probably the power horse of all. It is an essential skill to have in order to attain full automation cycle in your marketing or business in general. Pipe data from anywhere to all your workflows and never rely on manual entries and data scraping again.

over 6 years of experience

The best application for lean product design and development. With its countless implication, Trello can fit your management challenge and improve your workflow.

over 5 years of experience

Need to attract leads or quickly validate an assumption? MVP Landing pages are proven method to quickly get to market. Leadpages is a powerful tool that also seamlessly integrates with Drip. Launch your campaign in no time and without coding experience with its easy user interface.

over 6 years of experience

Create the right formula to collect metrics that you actually need . Convert data into measurable actions to improve your user experience and product offerings.

over 4 years of experience

Drip is a powerful tool that can be used for email marketing, user onboarding sequence, customer support automations and outreach. Need help to learn how you can fully benefit from that software, what is workflow and how to best setup your campaign?

Product Design
Athens, Greece
- present

Product Market fit, Product Design, Design System and Interface

Product Design
Athens, Greece

My responsibilities were: • Establish company identity and branding evolution • Consistently identify user profiles and changing behavior patterns • Testing and creating new UX flow and UI optimization • Optimizing company service design and promoting healthier inner culture • Creating and optimizing user onboarding and customer success sequences • Analyzing market opportunities and proposing further product innovations • Promoting and establishing lean project management methodology

Web Hosting
Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering
Technical University of Sofia

Power Plants, Fuels, Grid Installations, Self-sustainable Power Sources, Fluid Particle Mechanics, Turbines, Mass scale project management of power installations

Reviews (12)
Matt Dodgson
1 session
28 Feb 2020

So much value and so many notes! I wish I could afford to work with Alek, but this is the next best thing.

blake janover
1 session
15 Oct 2019

Alek is an incredibly intelligent, generous, UX/UI expert. It was a pleasure speaking with him!

Nicholas Lockard
1 session
17 Apr 2019

Alek was very helpful by offering several recommendations on product UI and UX improvements.

Daniel Levelev
1 session
11 Apr 2019

Alek gave me very valuable and actionable advice on how to improve the ux of my Saas in order to raise activation and combat churn!

Dunja Radulov
1 session
2 Apr 2019

Alek was very helpful - he shared some great insights on understanding customers, user onboarding and marketing automation. Thanks for your time Alek!

Sameer Shah
1 session
28 Mar 2019

I loved my session with Alek. He gave me great insights into potential solutions to my queries and challenges especially related to digital marketing and growth.

Katerina Bojkov
6 sessions
12 Mar 2019

Had a really great chat with Alek. He walk me through the steps of hiring a good UI designer, shared great tips and resources on how to improve our overall UI process. Thanks again.

Jason Quey
1 session
5 Mar 2019

Alek provided some good insight on GrowthMentor's path to product-market fit.

Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
1 session
27 Feb 2019

Absolutely loved Alek's brilliant, next-level ideas for a home page teardown. He already reviewed the home page before our call was scheduled and had ideas ready-to-go and went beyond the basics.

1 session
19 Dec 2018

Nice conversation. Alek gave me some important design feedback and will even help me with some wireframes ;)

1 session
19 Dec 2018

Thanks for your time Alek! Your help and the growthmentor platform are excellent for getting unstuck!

1 session
13 Dec 2018

Great chat with Alek. He helped me sift through some branding agencies in London. They all seemed great to me, but he pointed out some things that my 'non-design oriented' eye didn't catch. Glad I got an outside perspective!