Abhay Khurana

Chief Marketing Officer

Gainesville, United States of America (-05:00 UTC)Englishfrom Gainesville, United States of America
$75 / hour
Content Marketing

Develop a content/inbound marketing strategy that profitably drives awareness and leads for your business. Find the small handful of audiences and topics that you can productively contribute to, develop the content plan, define measurement metrics, and learn how to ship content as quickly as possible.

Product Market Fit

Conduct prospect & customer research that identifies the problem/solution/benefit mix of the company's product. Then develop a core identity, message, and personality that communicates that fundamental value according to the needs and preferences of the market.

Outbound Marketing

Experience building an outbound marketing team – prospecting, copywriting, call/voicemail script development, SDR recruiting/training/management/coaching, direct mail.

Mentor Toolkit
4 years of experience

Setup smart lists, landing pages, marketing automation flows, reports and SF<>HubSpot integrations as necessary for our team.

6 years of experience

Setup all of the custom fields, custom objects, and process automation to facilitate our marketing and sales flows.

Chief Marketing Officer
Gainesville, United States of America
- present

Oversee all lead/opportunity/pipeline generation activities for Feathr – personalized outbound marketing (through direct mail, phone calls, emails, and social interactions), field marketing, and inbound/content marketing, and paid advertising (primarily Facebook & LinkedIn). I also oversee all branding work like maintaining and refining our market positioning, defining key brand concepts & language, design and production of brand assets, and branding-focused content.

Director of Marketing

LLE is an e-commerce enterprises company. We look for online markets that are underserved in one way or another and create businesses to fill that gap and capture market share. Once we've started an enterprise, I manage the entire customer facing presence for that brand. From the creation of the brand personality, core message, and UVP (unique value proposition), to particulars of the UI/UX, to our search and social presence and guidelines for customer service – I have my (sometimes sweaty) hands in everything that the customer experiences. I also give a lot of attention to analysis. I like to capture as much relevant data as possible and use it to find opportunities to move the needle on KPIs (key performance indicators). As my country boy alter-ego likes to say, "There just ain't no dern reason to be in the dark with so much data 'round." I'm also part of the team that evaluates potential markets.

Reviews (14)
Sameer Jain
2 sessions
11 Sep 2020

I really enjoyed my conversation with Abhay. He is very knowledgable and super friendly. Abhay gave me a number of useful tips during our call, that I can't wait to test out. Thanks, Abhay!

Tom Dickens
1 session
11 Jun 2020

I had a great session with Abhay, he was very generous with his time, and gave incredibly valuable insights to all of my Account-Based Marketing questions. I look forward to checking back in with him to discuss how to test and develop our approach further.

FMF Creative
1 session
11 Jun 2020

Abhay's experience in marketing lent a really great insight to the work we're trying to do and troubleshoot. He gave great context, and ways of looking at things that we've been definitely considering in our work. He's a very good listener and would highly recommend. Thanks mate!

Wangene Hall
1 session
10 Jun 2020

Abhay was incredibly helpful. I shared my goals and current marketing strategy, and he provided a reframe to my thinking. He offered valuable insights on how to reach results more quickly. Plus, his advice was concrete, specific and actionable. Based on his feedback, I have several improvements to my marketing program that I can implement immediately. I highly recommend working with him. Thanks Abhay!

Kacper Staniul
1 session
19 Feb 2020

Very helpful call with Abhay about leading teams and setting KPIs. He asked some thoughtful questions to better understand my situation as well as provided solution suggestions to my doubts. I can honestly recommend him for any team management topics.

Coy Henderson
1 session
29 Jan 2020

I'm very appreciative of Abhay. He was knowledgeable, gave digestible advice, and was generous with his time. In just a 30 min call, I took away a couple actionable suggestions and gained some sanity on a few of my current projects. Thanks Abhay!

Nykki Yeager
1 session
4 Dec 2019

Abhay shared tons of insights, and I can't believe how much I learned in just 30 minutes. I especially love the concrete examples he provided to really help drive things home. He clearly knows what he's talking about, and it was a pleasure chatting with him!

Abhishek Ekbote
1 session
15 Oct 2019

Had a great session with Abhay. He first gave us his thoughts on our product. Then he shared with me his experience, gave me useful metrics and tips for my SaaS business.

Dan Rooney
1 session
26 Sep 2019

Super knowledgeable and authentically helpful. He gets it. What a cool guy!

Hector Hughes
1 session
13 May 2019

Abhay was fantastic, great guy and extremely knowledgeable about everything growth related. Managed to easily simplify the issues I was having and drill down to what is important. Would highly recommend talking to him!

Jason Quey
1 session
28 Feb 2019

Abhay gave a lot of helpful insight on the challenges seed stages face getting to product-market fit, go-to market fit, and scaling up.

Corey Hubbard
2 sessions
20 Feb 2019

Abhay and I had a great chat. He has given me insightful advice that I can use to get my startup closer to discovering Product Market Fit. If your discovery and validation process is gummed up, set up a chat with Abhay soon and get help. Corey-DreamHighr

Jonatan Snyders
1 session
13 Feb 2019

Abhay is a very knowledgeable CMO who seems to be a natural coach. I greatly enjoyed my talk with him and got a lot of takeways that I'm not incorporating into our sales & marketing strategy. I'll be coming back for his advice. Definitely recommend him!

Foti Panagiotakopoulos
1 session
25 Jan 2019

The last thing I told him after our 1-hour call on Skype is literally this, "Abhay, you are the exact type of growth marketer that this platform needs." Can't recommend him enough.